Land Titles

A certificate of title is proof of an owner's title to a parcel of land, subject to certain exceptions and any liens or interests recorded on the certificate. Certificates of title and the associated plans of survey documenting the extent of the land for which the title is issued are registered with the Land Titles Office.

The Land Titles Office does not issue leases or grant title to property, and is responsible only for the registration of ownership to privately-owned surveyed land. For more information about leasing land, contact your municipal government or the Department of Lands.

Following the filing of plans of survey and the registration of a grant of land from the Crown to a person or entity, the Land Titles Office issues a certificate of title which is proof of ownership of the granted land identified in the plan of survey.

A certificate of title can be updated to record mortgages, leases, liens, or other interests registered against the land. Ownership of the land can be transferred by registering a Transfer of Land document.

Land title searches can be conducted online using the Northwest Territories Land Titles System or in person at the Land Titles Office. Service fees will apply. A flat fee applies to the registration of most transactions, however transfer fees are in proportion to the value of the affected land, and mortgage fees are based on the principal amount of the mortgage.

Real estate is the most important and most expensive asset that many people own, and we recommend that any land titles transaction be conducted with the assistance of a lawyer. Any change to a Certificate of title, even changes that seem minor, may have significant legal consequences. By law, land titles staff are not permitted to provide legal advice or assist in the completion of forms.

Original signed documents must be submitted to the registry, by mail or in person. Applicable fees are payable to the Government of the Northwest Territories by VISA, Mastercard, cheque, or money order. Payments can also be made in person using cash or a debit card. Rejected submissions will be returned with any accompanying payments.

Certain forms require functionality which is not supported by alternative PDF viewers. For true viewing and function, open forms with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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