• The Community Justice and Policing division assists victims and communities in dealing with justice issues and the impacts of crime.
  • Corporate Services division provides the Department of Justice with financial and infrastructure planning services.
  • Corrections division is responsible for safe custody, treatment, and rehabilitation of offenders at territorial correctional facilities.
  • The Court Services division is responsible for services supporting the activities of the Courts of the Northwest Territories such as the court registries, and sheriff's and court reporters' offices.
  • The Directorate provides oversight and direction for the Department of Justice.
  • Legal division provides legal services and advice to departments and agencies of the Government of the Northwest Territories.
  • Legal Registries division registers legal entities and documents such as land titles, businesses, societies, co-operative associations, and dealers in securities.
  • Legislation division is responsible for drafting bills before the Legislative Assembly and preparing consolidations of enacted territorial legislation.
  • The Policy and Planning divison provides advice to the Department of Justice on policy, legislation, and business planning.
A complete alphabetical listing of the consolidated territorial Acts and associated regulations.
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