Land Titles Office

The Land Titles Office is responsible for maintaining a system of registration of ownership to privately-owned surveyed land in the Northwest Territories; the registration of plans of survey for those lands; the recording of interests in those lands such as mortgages, leases, caveats, and easements; and the incorporation of condominium corporations.

The Land Titles Office does not issue leases or grant title to property, and is responsible only for the registration of ownership to privately-owned land. For more information about leasing land, contact your municipal government or the Department of Lands.

All legal documents and plans submitted to the Land Titles Office are reviewed by the staff, to ensure that they comply with the Land Titles Act and other applicable legislation, case law, policies and procedures.

All registered documents, plans and titles maintained in the Land Titles Office are available for inspection by the public. These documents are available online through the Northwest Territories Land Titles System (NTLS). Once users have registered, they are able to conduct searches at any time. Searches can also be performed in person at the Land Titles Office subject to appropriate fees.

Real estate is the most important and most expensive asset that many people own, and we recommend that any land titles transaction be conducted with the assistance of a lawyer. Any change to a title, even changes that seem minor, may have significant legal consequences. By law, land titles staff are not permitted to provide legal advice or assist in the completion of forms.

The land registration system in the Northwest Territories is based on the Torrens system of land registration. The Land Titles Act establishes the system of registration of title to privately owned lands, as well as providing for the officials to operate the system, and the records that are to be maintained by them. Under this system the Government has custody of all original documents, titles, and plans of survey and is responsible for the validity and security of all land title information.

Payment Information

Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, Visa or Mastercard.

  • Payments can be made in-person during business hours.
  • Cheques/money orders must be made payable to: "Government of the Northwest Territories."
  • Credit card information can be included with a cover letter or submission sheet.
Land Titles Office
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