Condominium corporations

A condominium corporation is made up of the owners of the units of a condominium, and is created when a condominium plan, declaration, and bylaws are registered in the Land Titles Office; and certificates of title are issued for the condominium units.

The term condominium is typically used to refer to an individual unit, but actually describes the whole of the property composed of individually owned units and jointly owned common elements.

The condominium corporation is the legal entity representing the collective interests of the unit owners, allowing individuals to own property while sharing the cost of maintaining the common elements with the other unit owners through condominium fees.

The corporation's bylaws establish rules for unit owners, and penalties which can be imposed by the corporation for failing to follow those rules. In the Northwest Territories the Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Implementation Act included an amendment adding section 7.1 to the Condominium Act This sets rules for condominium corporations, owners and tenants to understand laws related to smoking and growing cannabis in condominium units and common areas. Cannabis information for tenants is available on the Rental Office page.

The Land Titles Office has produced condominium purchase and ownership guides containing extensive information on condominiums in the Northwest Territories.

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