Victim services

The Community Justice and Policing Division offers services to victims that can assist you in dealing with the emotional and physical consequences of crime, and the associated justice processes. All victims are encouraged to contact their local victim services worker to learn about the services and help available to you.

If you are in danger, call the police. They will make sure you are safe, and provide immediate assistance if necessary.

If you are concerned about the dangerous or threatening behaviour of someone who has harmed you, or other people who behave toward you in a threatening way, you can request a protection order or emergency protection order through the RCMP or Alison McAteer House to help keep you and your family safe.

Effective July 23nd 2015, the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights clearly establishes your right as a victim:

  • to information about the criminal justice system, victim services, and the status of the investigation into the offense committed against you;
  • to protection and consideration of your privacy;
  • to participation in and consideration by the justice system; and
  • to seek restitution for financial losses.

When you report a crime to the police, they will ask you if you would like to complete a Victim Impact Statement. This is not the same as a police statement - a Victim Impact Statement is "your voice" in court, and lets you tell the court how the crime affected you physically and emotionally. If the offender is found guilty, your statement is used by the judge when deciding the sentence. To access the new forms for Victim Impact Statements, speak with your local or the nearest Victim Services program. Call 867-873-7002 if you need help to locate the workers nearest to you.

The Victims of Crime Emergency Fund provides limited financial assistance to victims of serious violent crimes where there is an immediate need for emergency expenses as a direct result of the crime and to ensure safety.

You can sign up with the Victim Notification Program to be kept informed about the movements of a convicted offender whose criminal behavior harmed you. This notification includes the release date, any escapes, temporary releases, planning for the offender's return to their community or if their sentence changes.

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