The purpose of the Corrections Service is the correction and treatment of offenders and the protection of the community.

The Division is responsible for the detention and safe custody of youth and adult inmates in correctional facilities, located in Yellowknife, Hay River and Fort Smith. During incarceration, inmates are provided with supervision, treatment and training opportunities with the aim to rehabilitate.

The Corrections Service offers probation and parole supervisions, counseling and aftercare services to offenders. The probation officer may provide information to the Court on an offender’s background, for consideration before sentencing.

Corrections also manages the victim notification program, which allows victims to receive information about an offender who was convicted of a crime against them.

To ensure that people with northern backgrounds are prepared for a career in the Corrections Service, the Corrections Northern Recruitment Training Program provides an eight week full-time training program in various communities in the Northwest Territories.

  • The new Corrections Act focuses less on punishment and more on rehabilitation and community reintegration of offenders. Operational improvements are made including in respect of risk management and security, quality assurance and monitoring, case management and programming, and staff training. What is the purpose of the proposed new Corrections Act? The purpose of Bill 45,…
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