Victim Notification Program

The Victim Notification Program allows victims to apply to receive information about an offender serving a territorial sentence convicted of a crime against them.

This information includes:

  • length of sentence;
  • any changes to the sentence;
  • location of institution of incarceration (including any transfer of inmate);
  • release date from custody and community to which inmate will be released, if known;
  • release dates, destination, and special conditions for temporary absences;
  • eligibility dates for temporary absences;
  • locations for temporary absences;
  • special conditions imposed on temporary absences;
  • if the inmate's temporary absence is suspended and the inmate is returned to custody;
  • if the inmate escapes from custody and when they are returned to custody.

The program is administered by the Corrections service. All NWT correctional facilities have Victim Notification representatives.

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