Support order enforcement

1. Enrollment

The enforcement of child and spousal support orders in the Northwest Territories is conducted by the Maintenance Enforcement Program as set out in the Maintenance Orders Enforcement Act.

You can enroll with Maintenance Enforcement once you have a court order or agreement that clearly states the payment obligations. Even if the conditions of your support order/agreement are being fulfilled, you can still register - many people find it beneficial to have the program collect and track their payments for them. Once enrolled, you can use the online support payment tracker to verify the status of your support payments.

To enroll, complete and submit a registration kit to the Maintenance Enforcement Office along with a copy of your court order. (If you have an agreement, we require the original, signed copy or three certified copies.) Once your registration kit and documents are received, the enrollment process usually takes approximately four weeks.

If you want to obtain a support order or agreement, you should talk to a lawyer. The Maintenance Enforcement Program cannot assist you with obtaining or modifying support orders.

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