Notaries public

A notary public can perform all of the duties of a commissioner for oaths by administering oaths, and taking and receiving affidavits, statutory declarations, and affirmations. In addition, a notary public can also certify true copies of documents, and can administer oaths and affirmations for use outside of the Northwest Territories.

The services of a notary public may be needed in many situations; for example, a document used for court cases and other legal proceedings must be sworn or affirmed in front of a commissioner for oaths or a notary public in order to be admitted as evidence.

The list below provides appointed individuals who have consented to having their contact information released for public services. If you wish to be added to this list, please contact

Documents to be filed in court can be commissioned at a court registry. For other documents you will need to contact a lawyer or other notary service:

Community Provider Phone
Colville Lake Ann Kochon-Orlias, GNWT 1 (867) 709-2047
Fort Liard Julie Capot-Leblanc 1 (867) 770-2277
Fort Liard Laura Diamond-C 1 (250) 321-3701
Fort McPherson Mary Rose Tetlichi 1 (867) 952-2060
Fort Providence Alayna Krutko 1 (867) 699-3149
Fort Simpson John Herring 1 (867) 695-2287
Fort Smith Shari Olsen 1 (867) 872-6568
Gameti Louisa Wetrade, Community Government of Gameti 1 (867) 997-3441
Hay River Stacey Barnes 1 (867) 874-6255 ext. 220
Hay River Jordan Bassett, GNWT 1 (867) 875-8885
Hay River Noella Cayen 1 (867) 688-0197
Hay River Heather Coakwell 1 (867) 875-7700
Hay River Beverly Joyce Gibb 1 (867) 874-6503
Hay River Zulfqar Khan 1 (867) 874-8430
Hay River Jessica King 1 (867) 875-8480
Hay River Julie King, Royal Bank of Canada 1 (867) 874-6547
Hay River Keisha Kipling 1 (867) 874-8430
Hay River Tanya Koppel-Morais 1 (867) 445-7702
Hay River Maureen Maurice-Landry 1 (867) 874-2475
Hay River Glen McPhee 1 (867) 876-0001
Hay River Ian Thiesson 1 (867) 688-0824
Inuvik Trish Allen 1 (867) 678-0180
Inuvik Diane Baxter 1 (867) 777-7924 or 1 (867) 620-1053
Inuvik James Fakayode 1 (204)807-3270
Inuvik Lorna Gruben-Matthew 1 (867) 678-8071 ext. 15643
Inuvik Kristen Heavener, Hawks Supply (appointment only) 1 (867) 678-4046
Inuvik Paul MacDonald (appointment only) 1 (867) 678-4046
Norman Wells Bailey Hawreschuk, NTHSSA 1 (867) 587-3650
Norman Wells Lynda MacCauley, NTHSSA 1 (867) 587-3650
Tsiigehtchic Brian Smith 1 (867) 490-2221
Yellowknife MJ's Express Services Ltd. (can provide mobile notary service) 1 (867) 444-8528|
Yellowknife City of Yellowknife (appointment only) 1 (867) 920-5600
Yellowknife Christopher Gibbs (appointment only) 1 (250) 792-0115
Yellowknife Bonnie Henderson (appointment only) 1 (867) 445-7221
Yellowknife Jibil Louis (appointment only) 1 (587) 982-6369|
Yellowknife Mackay Investigations (can provide mobile notary services) 1 (867) 446-8388|
Yellowknife Pamela Naylor, Ken Allison , Family Law & Mediation
Yellowknife Michelle Ortiz, Commercial NDS (can provide mobile notary service) 1 (867) 688-9990|
Yellowknife Sonya Robinson (appointment only, daytime hours only) 1 (867) 766-7675
Yellowknife Dave Shears, RE/MAX North of 60 Realty 1 (867) 688-8427
Yellowknife Kaitlyn Simms (appointment only) 1 (867) 688-5650|
Yellowknife Bethan R. Williams 1 (867) 445-4666
Yellowknife Val Watsyk, GNWT |1 (867) 767-9387 ext. 82287

Authentication of notarized documents

In the case of documents bound for a foreign country, consulate, or embassy, it may be necessary to have the notary's seal and signature authenticated by the Administrator of the Notaries Public Program. The Government of the Northwest Territories maintains a database of authorized notaries public with sample signatures and seals for this purpose.

Check with the consulate or embassy of the country you are traveling to and find out what documents you need, and what kind of authentication they require.

When necessary, the administrator will issue a letter to be attached to the document confirming that the notary public is authorized to notarize the document. The document must then be presented to the foreign consulate or embassy, who can issue a certificate of legalization or equivalent documentation rendering the document usable in that country.

Appointment of notaries public

The Evidence Act allows the NWT Minister of Justice to appoint individuals as notaries public. To become a notary public, you must submit to the Registrar:

  • a completed application form;
  • a completed examination form; and
  • payment in the amount of $100.00.

Every examination question must be answered correctly in order for your application to be accepted. Upon approval, you will be sent a certificate of appointment as a notary public. Upon receipt of your certificate of appointment, you must submit a specimen of your notarial seal.

The appointment process is incomplete until the specimen of your notarial seal has been registered.

If you are a lawyer who has been appointed a Notary Public, your appointment stands as long as you remain an active member in good standing with the Law Society of the Northwest Territories and remain entitled to practice law within the Northwest Territories.

All other appointments expire at midnight three years after the appointment date shown on your certificate. For example, an appointment made on August 1, 2020 will expire at midnight on July 31, 2023. To renew your appointment you must complete the application form and submit with the fee. Expiration notices will not be provided.

Please note, unlike some jurisdictions, in the NWT a lawyer must apply to become a Notary Public and it is not an automatic appointment tied to any standing as a lawyer.

Original signed documents must be submitted to the registry, by mail or in person. Applicable fees are payable to the Government of the Northwest Territories by VISA, Mastercard, cheque, or money order. Payments can also be made in person using cash or a debit card. Rejected submissions will be returned with any accompanying payments.

Certain forms require functionality which is not supported by alternative PDF viewers. For true viewing and function, open forms with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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