Corporate Services Division

Corporate Services
4903 49th St
PO Box 1320
X1A 2L9

The Corporate Services division provides the GNWT’s Department of Justice with leadership and services in the areas of financial planning and analysis, budgeting, infrastructure planning and Occupational Health and Safety.

Other Resources

The Business Incentive Policy (BIP) allows businesses registered in the NWT to have preference for purchases of products and services made by the GNWT, including contracts. Tenders and Requests for Proposals are now managed by the Department of Public Works and Services Procurement Shared Services office.

The GNWT's Main Estimates provide a view of the GNWT’s budget for revenues and expenditures for each fiscal year. They represent anticipated expenses and revenues, commencing April 1st of each year.

The Department of Finance Financial Shared Services office is responsible for all financial processing.

The Community Justice and Policing Division offers services to victims that can assist you in dealing with the emotional and…
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