Outreach Legal Aid Clinics

The Legal Aid Commission offers a free outreach program to individuals to provide up to 3 hours of confidential advice for each legal issue. The Outreach lawyer's role is to provide advice and cannot represent people in court. The program assists people in dealing with issues relating to:

  • housing, landlord, and tenant disputes
  • Disability,Canada Pension Plan, EI and Income Support Claims and Appeals
  • Employment rights
  • Worker's Health and Safety Commission claims
  • Wills and estate advice
  • mental health and guardianship reviews
  • Child protection matters
  • Elder abuse
  • Family Law
  • Debtor, creditor or civil claims (formerly known as small claims court)

The outreach program holds three weekly clinics in Yellowknife:

  • a child protection clinic on Monday mornings,
  • a general clinic on Tuesday from 1-5 PM, and
  • a family law clinic on Wednesday from 1-5 PM.

Each clinic operates on a first come, first serve basis. Clients can also make appointments at other times depending on the circumstances. In person clinics will be held in other NWT communities on a regular basis, or you may call the office for a scheduled phone appointment.

Government Service Officers may also provide help with Canada Pension Plan and employment insurance matters.

Outreach Legal Aid Clinic
#1, 4915 48th St
X1A 3S4
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