Victims Assistance Fund

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Funding for community-based projects and activities that directly support or benefit victims of crime. Overview

This program provides funding for community-based projects and activities that directly support or benefit victims of crime. It is not a victim compensation fund or program funding.

The funding comes from Court imposed fines and surcharges paid into Court. These funds are managed by the Victims Assistance Committee under the Victims of Crime Act to improve services for victims and their families through community-based projects and activities or training to improve support services to victims and survivors of crime.

Funding Available

The funding available depends on amounts paid into Court. There is no limit to the amount requested but each project or training budget request will need to substantiate the amount. All reasonable requests are supported.


Applications can be submitted year-round. Funding follows the government fiscal year of April 1 to March 31. Applications can be received in advance of April 1 for the next fiscal year.


Four types of proposals are eligible for funding:

  • Training - Efforts to build the capacity of non-profits for education, training and development of their staff, board and volunteers.

  • Direct Services - Assisting victims through crisis response, support, follow-up and information or system referrals.

  • Public Awareness - Information on rights and responsibilities of victims, the criminal justice system, and procedures and issues related to victims of crime.

  • Research - Involving the distribution of services to victims and their needs and concerns.

The program is administered by the Victims Assistance Committee. The Committee reviews funding proposals and make recommendations to the Minister of Justice. The Minister makes the final decision on the disbursement of funds.

How to apply

  1. Complete an application form:

  2. Send the completed application by email to or by mail to:

Victim Services
4903 49th St
PO Box 1320
X1A 2L9

Applicants are encouraged to contact NWT Victims Services to assist with applications.

  1. After your application is received, a decision will be made to grant or deny assistance. The Minister’s Office will notify applicants of decisions approving or denying the application.
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