Victims Assistance Fund

The Victims Assistance Fund is a special-purpose fund used for community-based projects and activities that directly support or benefit victims of crime.

The fund is made up of fine surcharges that offenders have to pay. Judges set out the amount of the fines under the authority of the Criminal Code of Canada and the Victims of Crime Act.

The Victims Assistance Fund does not directly compensate individual victims of crime. There is no compensation program in the NWT for individual victims of crime.

The Victims Assistance Fund is administered by the Victims Assistance Committee. The Committee is made up of three members who are appointed by the Minister of Justice for three-year terms. They review funding proposals and make recommendations to the Minister of Justice. The Minister makes the final decision on the disbursement of funds.

An annual report on the disbursements from the Victims Assistance Fund is provided to the Legislative Assembly.

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