Resources for businesses

Once you've registered your business or extra-territorial corporation, or incorporated your company, there are other requirements you will need to consider.

You will be required to obtain a business license. The Department of Municipal and Community Affairs issues business licenses for some communities, as well as to businesses operating outside of community boundaries or on a territory-wide basis. In other communities, licenses are issued by your municipal government (town hall).

There are many other operating requirements you may need to address depending on your business activities, for example:

  • property and fuel taxes
  • wildlife regulations
  • resource harvesting regulations
  • tourism, guiding, and outfitting permits
  • liquor licensing
  • health and safety inspections
  • Fire Marshall's requirements
  • tobacco taxes
  • zoning requirements

These are just a few examples of what you might need to consider. You can also find information regarding a number of agencies in the document provided below; however the possible requirements and agencies we've mentioned are not meant to be a complete checklist. You are responsible for researching and complying with your company's specific requirements.

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