Non-profit societies

3. Annual filing requirements

Incorporating a society imposes some minimal requirements which must be fulfilled in the interest of accountability to your members and the general public.

An incorporated society must hold an annual general meeting as set out in its bylaws, after which you have 14 days to file the following documents with Corporate Registries:

  • financial statements either audited, or in the form of a balance sheet and income statement, originally signed (if unaudited) by two directors or authorized officers of the society
  • an updated list of directors (including names, addresses, and occupations) originally signed by one director or authorized officer of the society

A notice of directors and a financial statement must be submitted each year, regardless of whether or not any changes have occurred, and regardless of whether or not the society has had any income.

If you cannot locate complete financial statements for previous years, a society can file a Statutory Declaration of Lost Records along with at least one year's financial statements and a notice of directors (as per the regular annual filing requirements) to bring your filings up to date. This form can be used only once - additional uses require the consent of the Registrar of Societies.

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