Children’s Lawyer

The Children's Lawyer is located in Legal Aid, and represents children involved with Child and Family services, as well as those who are involved in custody and access court cases.

Any youth 16 or older involved with Child and Family Services can directly apply to be represented by the Office of the Children's Lawyer. Services will be delivered to children of any age where a court order has been made appointing the Office.

Usually a court order is required to have the Children's Lawyer appointed. If a child is involved with or has been apprehended by Child and Family Services, they can ask a social worker to request a lawyer for them. If parents are involved in a custody and access dispute, they can ask the court to order a lawyer to represent their children.

The Children's Lawyer does not act for youth in criminal matters, only in family and child protection matters. Legal Aid will provide a lawyer for youth involved with the criminal justice system.

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