Corporate Registries

Corporate Registries are responsible for extra-territorial registrations, NWT incorporations, co-operative associations, and societies within the Northwest Territories. They are also responsible for the registration of business names (sole proprietorships), partnerships, and limited partnerships.

You can search for business names (sole proprietorships) and partnerships, territorial and extra-territorial corporations, non-profit societies, co-operative associations, and other entities registered in the Northwest Territories online using the Corporate Registries Online System. Basic information such as the legal name, status, and type of organization is available free of charge. A full entity profile including scanned copies of documents filed by the organization can be accessed for a fee.

Payment Information

Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, Visa or Mastercard.

  • Payments can be made in-person during business hours.
  • Cheques/money orders must be made payable to: "Government of the Northwest Territories."
  • Credit card information can be included with a cover letter or submission sheet.

Certificates of Compliance/Good Standing/Status

Certificates of Compliance/Good Standing/Status must be obtained through our office. Requests are processed next business day, and can be sent via email to: or via fax to: (867) 873-0243. Requests can also be made in person. Be sure your request includes the entity name, a valid Visa or Mastercard number for payment; including the expiry date and the CVC 3 digit code from the back of the card as well as a daytime phone number.

  • Territorially incorporated for-profit companies/ extra-territorially registered corporations: A certificate may be provided if the corporation is in compliance; there is a $20.00 fee ($2.00 additional charge per certificate for faxed copies)
  • Sole proprietorships/partnerships: A certificate can be provided indicating the sole proprietorship/partnership is registered and has not ceased using the name; there is a $20.00 fee ($2.00 additional charge per certificate for faxed copies)
  • Non-profits/societies incorporated under the Societies Act of the NWT: Letters of status are provided, rather than certificates; there is no fee for a letter of status.
Corporate Registries
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