Crime Prevention Program

This program is made possible through funding from Public Safety Canada

Community Justice and Policing Division has funding to help local organizations create and deliver programming to reduce crime based on Group Violence Prevention (GVP) Programming.

Specific NWT communities who would benefit the most from the program are targeted with this program.

1. Who can apply?

The funding is available to organizations providing services in the selected communities.

2. Which NWT communities are targeted by this program?

The communities selected are Hay River and Fort Smith.

3. How did you choose the communities who can benefit from the funding?

The Government of the Northwest Territories, through consultations with the RCMP, Probation Services, Public Prosecution Service of Canada, Corrections Services and Community Justice, made program recommendations and chose two communities who would benefit the most from the program.

4. How will you select the organizations who will receive the funding?

Funding is available to organizations within the selected communities to create and implement programming that meets the intended goals for this project. The project goals are:

  • Build community capacity to promote and utilize restorative practices in educational centres, correctional institutes, and other local organizations. The goal is to have the community promotion of: Do no harm – If harm is done, effort is placed to repair that harm.
  • Strengthen community capacity to prevent violence: educate about violence cycles and what parents can do to support violence deterrence – what they can do and what they can say.
  • Enhance legitimacy of the word “Community” – build and foster relationships with law enforcement about how it relates to fellow community members. Create local thoughts of “we” versus “us and them”.
  • Any specific program to help with rehabilitation should be offered to those that voluntarily accept – do not force, very limited resources, on those that do not want help.
  • Create a community approach to facilitate crime deterrence, making it unacceptable by peers.

Applications will be reviewed by GNWT and Federal Partners to score and select the application(s) that they deem will target the above goals most effectively.

The Committee will score applications based on:

  • Workplan details
  • Feasibility
  • Duration
  • Sustainability plan
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Resources/benefits for community members
  • Capacity building efforts
  • Ability to work towards identified goals
  • Partnerships – inter-organization collaboration
  • COVID-19 related adaptations

5. How can I apply?

Download the application form below, and send it back to Damien Ramm, Community Safety Analyst, at Applications will be accepted until March 5th, 2021.


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