Copyright and Permission Statement

The materials provided by Legislation Division are protected by copyright (unless otherwise indicated), which is held by the Territorial Printer for the Northwest Territories. The Territorial Printer permits any person to reproduce NWT’s unofficial consolidations of statutes and regulations for commercial and non-commercial purposes, without seeking permission and without charge, provided you adhere to the following conditions:

  • due diligence must be exercised to ensure the accuracy of the materials produced;
  • reproduced materials must not be represented as an official version; and
  • Territorial copyright must be acknowledged in the following format: © Territorial Printer NWT, 2014.

The official Statutes and Regulations should be consulted for all purposes of interpreting and applying the law.


Please note that not all Northwest Territories statutes, regulations and court rules are consolidated in this service. Statutes with a temporary or limited effect, such as appropriations acts, loan authorization acts and acts writing-off or forgiving assets or debts, are not included. Similarly, regulations with a temporary or limited effect, such as by-law exemption orders and liquor plebiscite orders, are not included.


The consolidations of NWT statutes and regulations are not official and are provided for convenience only. They are not an official statement of the law. The Government of the Northwest Territories assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the contents of the consolidations.

The authoritative text of statutes can be ascertained from the Revised Statutes of the Northwest Territories, 1988 and the Annual Volumes of the Statutes of the Northwest Territories. Any certified Bills not yet included in the Annual Volumes can be obtained through the Office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly. The authoritative text of regulations, including most of the civil rules, can be ascertained from the Revised Regulations of the Northwest Territories, 1990 and Part II of the Northwest Territories Gazette. The authoritative text of court rules made under the Criminal Code (Canada) and the Probate, Administration and Guardianship Rules of the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories can be ascertained in Part II of the Canada Gazette.