Notary Public

A Notary Public has all the same powers as a Commissioner for Oaths. A Notary Public can also certify true copies and take oaths for use outside the Northwest Territories.


  • Review the Notary Public instruction booklet, application and examination, available on this website or from our office.
  • Read the relevant parts of the Northwest Territories Evidence Act, which can be obtained online at or at Canarctic Graphics.
  • Complete the Notary Public application and examination.
  • You must answer every question correctly in order for your application to be accepted
  • Lawyers are exempt from writing this exam.


  • The completed application and examination.
  • A cheque or money order for$100.00 payable to the Government of the Northwest Territories. Be sure it is filled out correctly. We also accept Visa and Mastercard.
  • It takes from 3 to 5 weeks for applications to be processed.


  • Our office will send your Certificate of Appointment to your place of work.
  • You must send our office a specimen of your notarial seal. Without this specimen, our records of your appointment are not complete.


  • Your appointment expires three years after the appointment date shown on your certificate.
  • A lawyer’s appointment will expire when he or she is no longer in good standing with the Law Society of the Northwest Territories.
  • To renew your appointment, you must send a completed application, examination and fee of $100.00 to our office.
  • You are responsible for renewing your appointment before it expires. You will not receive a renewal notice.


  • You must inform our office if there is a change in your employment information (job title, job address, etc.).
  • If you are changing your name and would like this to be reflected on your Notary Public Certificate, you must provide our office with a document that shows proof of the change, your current certificate and a letter stating that you would like to change your name.
  • Note that your name, signature, and seal must match the information in our records in the event that we are requested to authenticate documents.
  • If you are leaving the NWT, you must tell our office if you intend to keep your appointment or if you would like it revoked.


  • Whenever a notary public affixes his or her seal onto a document bound for a consulate or embassy, his or her seal must be authenticated by our office.
  • To authenticate a document, our office needs the original copy of ALL documents going to the embassy or consulate, and a specimen of the Notary Public’s seal.
  • Your name, signature, and seal must match the information in our records, otherwise we are unable to authenticate the documents.


  • Forms and information booklets are available here.

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